Speech Writing – LTU Gurus @ Eagle

Good evening, everyone! I hope you’re all having a good time at the party right now, and I hope the food and photo booth were fantastic! With that said, thank you for coming to the LTU Gurus @ Eagle event tonight! It wonderful to see the great amount of support you have given us for starting up our new student blog! I know there are some incoming first years in the crowd, can I get a raise of hands over here?

Good! It’s wonderful that you’ve come here tonight!

Now, for the older students, I think we all know that feeling we had during the first day of uni: really nervous, totally lost, and unsure of everything and anything that you were doing in and out of class? We’ve all been there before, and not just older students, I’m pretty sure some of the teachers and staff felt the same way, too, am I right?

Now, the reason why we have this party right now is because we’re launching up LTU Gurus for the start of the new school year next week.  Next week, there are going to be a lot of new students coming in, finding themselves lost within this huge tract of land we call a campus, with butterflies in their stomach because they want to know how to make new friends, or where to find stores to buy some school supplies. They are gonna have no idea what to do, and they may not even know where to turn to when the services in the library or their teachers aren’t available to them.

Sometime last year, a bunch of us second years and third years were talking to each other after class one day, and our idle chitchat had all of a sudden gone to the topic of our first week experiences at La Trobe. There was a surprising common factor that each of us had with our stories: we all had no idea what the heck we were doing back then! One girl had to rush through three stories in the Martin building to get to her classroom, only to find out that it was in the David Myers building. Another one complained about how she spent almost 700 dollars to buy her textbooks for the whole year before finding out about the secondhand bookstore in the student lounge. I had the unfortunate experience of getting on the wrong buses every time I tried going home back then, and let me tell you, it was a totally scary thing to experience. And unless you have a thrill for adventure and getting lost, I would seriously not recommend doing that!

So, after we all laughed at our freshmen hiccups back then, we got to talking about those apps we got during O-Week before that. Don’t get me wrong, those things have been really helpful to all of us, but well… besides the Lost on Campus app and OneLa Trobe, there wasn’t anything else or anyone we knew to turn to for all of our questions. I mean sure, OneLa Trobe could show us some events and seminars happening during the week and tell us which computer slot is available in the library, but it never really does give out a reminder alarm for the ones we want to go to, does it? And there contact details provided, but there wasn’t an askbox or anything similar to that there that could connect us immediately to them.

And that’s where we come in. We, a bunch of senior students with a lot of embarrassing freshman experiences, had decided to band together and make a brand new school blog for this campus, so that all you new students will never have to experience all the crap we went through, ever. We got the okay from the staff here, and near the end of last year, we had already finished our main blog, yay! But, we still had to make ourselves viral so we could reach out to you, so we decided to participate with the ones in charge of guiding the enrolment process a few weeks ago. We gave out letters to new students, and we set up all these other sideblogs on other sides. You guys all know Facebook, right? We’ve got a Facebook page, too! We even have a Twitter and an Instagram for you guys, and I hope a lot of you are taking part in the contests there! We got some really great prizes for you later tonight!

So, to close this speech before we get to party some more tonight, we, the LTU Gurus blog runners, would like to thank you once again supporting us every step of the way. We care a great deal for all of you first year students, and we promise to help out in every way we can so you can have a stress-free time when you begin student life here in La Trobe!

Thank you for listening, now go have some fun!

Media Release


New LTU Student Blog Launches Party For Incoming First Years

Gurus @ Eagle Bar is an event organised by the members in charge of running the blog, and is set to promote the launch of the blog. The event will be an exciting night of food, drinks, and fun competitions located at La Trobe University’s Eagle Bar at 7 PM on February 24, 2015, and there will be live performances done by former X Factor contestant Jordan Holly.

There will be three competitions held for this party that will serve to further promote the website. One of the competitions will be held in Instagram, where the contestants are required to post a picture of themselves during the event and add the hashtag #LTUGurus in order to win great prizes. There will also be a photo booth set up at the event, where the students participating in it will be part of a raffle draw, and the participant in the selected picture will get to win a prize. A separate contest will be held on Twitter, and the 500th follower of the website’s Twitter sideblog is set to win and be awarded during the Eagle Bar party.

“The LTU Gurus’ team is extremely excited for this event in launching our blog,” says editor Kaycee. “It will be the perfect opportunity for students to make new friends, learn a bit about what the blog has to offer and win lots of cool prizes.”

LTU Gurus, a school blog run by the current students of La Trobe University, is set to encourage incoming first year students to engage in the social aspect of student culture and aims to answer any queries or concerns regarding their studies or university life. The blog will launch on January 20th, 2015, and more information is available on the school’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram sites.


For further information about the blog or the event, contact 0426 251 472.

Media contact:              Michelle Kristelle Alviar                                          0426 251 472

Date:                             05/01/2015



The aim of the LTU Gurus blog to help first year students as they start out at La Trobe University. This blog will guide them as they navigate through the system and campus by responding to any questions or concerns they have regarding student life. The blog also aims to get students involved in the social aspect of university life, and engage them in university culture by acting as an alert system and providing reminders of any events happening within the campus.

Targeted mainly for first year La Trobe students, we also aim to reach out to not only students in the higher years, but also to those who are considering coming to the campus to study here. With our services, such as a helpline, an alert system, and a FAQ section with an adjoining Twitter roll, we will not only provide two-way communication, but also an immediate response to the students within the hour. Also, we will provide constant updates on our blog regarding any upcoming seminars, parties, or other events happening within the campus.

Mission Statement:

Our mission statement is to engage students in the social life of La Trobe University, and guide them as they navigate through their first year as university students.

Brief History:

The concept of the blog began when a group of second and third year students gathered together and discussed about how they still found themselves lost within the campus, and how they still weren’t as engaged in the social events happening as much as they wanted to be. Even with the apps provided to them during Orientation Week, the students were shocked to find that there were no other platforms designated to help them out with concerns about student culture and their social lives. With that, we aim to help first-year students understand that their frustrations and concerns about being lost in the campus is something that has been experienced by older students as well, and that they can always come for advice on whatever they want to ask about.

The blog was created on January 20th, 2015, in anticipation of the incoming school year. After a month of running the main blog, in additional to other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we were able to reach 500 followers, most of them coming from first years. Including links going back to our blog, we have now reached over 2000 followers in our six month anniversary, and we hope to continue reaching more students in the coming years.


Head Editor: Natasha

Sub-editor: Kaycee

Graphics Designer: Sara

Social Media: Kaycee, Michelle

Bloggers: Natasha, Kaycee, Sara, Michelle

Your Lie in April Chapters 43-44

In this article, I will be discussing the last two chapters of the Japanese manga series Your Lie in April by Naoshi Arakawa, and why I consider them to be great writing. To give some background on the series, the story is about a piano prodigy named Kousei Arima, who suffered a mental breakdown during a recital after his mother’s death. Because of that, he ended up being unable to hear the sound of his piano playing anymore, despite his hearing being otherwise perfectly fine. A few years later, he goes on with his life not playing the piano anymore, viewing his world in monotone, until he’s introduced to a free-spirited violinist named Kaori Miyazono, who brings colour back to Kousei’s life as she slowly helps him return to the piano.

In chapter 43, Kousei has just started off his performance at the finals competition, while Kaori is still in the middle of her risky operation at the hospital. As he continues playing, he sees a vision of Kaori showing up onstage to play a duet with him, sadly realizing that she wouldn’t survive her surgery. Kaori slowly starts to fade away, and he begs her not to go, but she gives him one last tearful smile before disappearing completely as his performance finishes.

Chapter 44 has Kousei receiving a letter that Kaori left for him at her funeral. It tells of how Kousei had inspired her with his music when she was a kid, and also reveals that she lied about her liking his friend back in April, just so she could get closer to him indirectly. The letter closes off with her confessing her love to Kousei, but not before leaving him her most precious treasure in the envelope. The series ends with Kousei lamenting on the idea of a spring without Kaori, and Kaori’s treasure revealed to be a picture of her as a child, with Kousei walking behind her in the background.

One of Your Lie in April’s strengths is that it always manages to bring out raw emotion in its story execution. The story deals with a lot of hard issues such as grief, child abuse, and terminal illness. Combine that with a cast of likable characters, and you get a series that knows how to give its readers a good emotional beatdown. It has never failed to make me cry many times in the past, so reading the last two chapters had turned me into a sobbing wreck when I finished them. Even though I was aware that she was going to have to die in the end, the panels that had Kaori slowly dissolving away into a flurry of petals hit me really hard, as I had been hoping for the unlikely chance that she would miraculously recover so she could perform with Kousei again.

The letter in the last chapter was a great way in revealing some mysteries about Kaori, as well as the titular “lie in April.” The fact that Kousei’s piano performances has moved so many people even as a child is a true testament to one of the story’s theme of interpersonal relationships, and of how one person’s influence can change someone for the better. Also, the way Kaori’s demeanour changed from being quiet and reserved to lively and free-spirited once she found out she was dying gives her character a whole new dimension. Unlike Kousei’s mother Saki, whose illness had made her desperate to the point of beating her son during his piano practices, Kaori decides to live her life to the fullest and with no regrets. The way she also managed to keep up a smiling face for everyone despite her deteriorating condition was awe-inspiring as well as heartbreaking. I have to admit, I already had a gut feeling that the lie she told was of her liking Kousei’s friend Ryouta Watari. What caught me off-guard, however, was why she lied about it. Her reasoning behind it can be considered as both selfish and selfless at the same time: selfish because she was using another person just for the sake of getting closer to Kousei, even if indirectly, and selfless because she was aware that a mutual friend of theirs also had feelings for Kousei, and she didn’t want there to be any hard feelings between her. It is characterization such as Kaori’s is also why I admire the writing in this series. The people there are more than just a bunch of character clichés that they appear to be, they are relatable in the sense that they have their admirable traits yet also have their own flaws and shortcomings to deal with.

Finally, the bittersweet feeling from the ending is why I consider the series as great writing. For all the pain and tragedy that Kousei and Kaori went through in their short time together, they were still able to make each other’s lives more colourful and brighter than ever. And even if Kaori is gone, she will always have a place in Kousei’s heart, just like how he was always there in hers.

A Letter For New LTU Students

Dear New Student,

My name is Michelle Kristelle Alviar, and on behalf of the current student body and alumni, I would like to welcome you to La Trobe University! Since you have just graduated high school and are on the path to being a first year as a university student in the next few weeks, you might be worrying yourself with a lot of questions on your mind right now. After seeing just how big the campus is and how many people there are during your enrolment, you might be wondering, “How can I meet up with new people and make friends?” or “Where else can I go to buy food and school supplies within the campus?” or “How can I sign up for one of the clubs or societies around here?” Well, worry not! We have got just the thing you need to help you out!

Starting this school year, a new blog will be introduced into the university’s website. This blog is going to be run by current and former LTU students, and will serve to guide new students like you through your first year of classes on campus, based on their own personal experiences. Any questions that you want to ask, whether it’s about where to find cheap second-hand books or how to submit your assessment tasks online, they would be glad to help you out and respond to you! Not only that, these students will also inform you and others of any events happening within the campus and link you up to any of the available clubs and societies you can sign up to, so that you’ll not only be guided through in your academic life, you’ll also be able to enjoy yourself in uni and make more friends there!

Our new blog’s website is called First Year @ La Trobe, and is currently available on WordPress at firstyearlatrobe.wordpress.com. We also have a Facebook page (facebook.com/latrobe) and a Twitter account (@latrobe), so if you have any questions on you, you are always free to ask us anytime. We kalways love to help you out if you need any help.

Thank you for choosing to enrol at La Trobe University!

Michelle Kristelle Alviar

La Trobe’s Survival Guide to the First Day

From taking up public transport to making new friends, La Trobe University has tips for new students on how to go through the first day of classes.

by Michelle Kristelle Alviar

Are you an incoming first year student who has no idea about what’s gonna happen on your first day of university? Are you nervous because you don’t know where to go for food and other necessities? Fear not! La Trobe University has prepared for you some useful tips that are sure to help to make your first day of uni more fun and less stressful!

First up, if you’re planning to come to the uni and back using public transport, make sure you read up ahead on the routes and timetables you’ll need to be taking. For those who aren’t from Melbourne, take some time to practice taking the routes before classes start so that you’ll get used to your new routine sooner. And don’t forget to get your own Myki card as well!

If you’re trying to save up on money, you can try preparing your own packed lunches the night before. The university has student lounges where you can heat up your food for free with their microwaves and other kitchen appliances. Plus, you have the added bonus of having a place to stay whenever you want to eat lunch!

It always helps to know how to keep your money safe with you. Have some extra money stored in a secret pocket in your bag. You never know if you need it in case of an emergency, or if you need to purchase something important for one of your classes. Try not to show off to other people that you’re carrying money, and learn how to budget your savings wisely.

Have your weekly schedule and the campus map printed out the night before, and in your free time, try to go and visit all of your listed classrooms. That way, you’ll be more familiar with where to go later on in the week, and you might be able to find new shortcuts of your own convenience for the rest of the semester. Plus, you might discover some new favourite areas along the way!

Finally, when it comes to making new friends at uni, you should just be yourself and open up to other people. Try to join up any clubs or societies that interest you, and take some time to get to talk and know the people in the same class as you.

Enjoy your first day at La Trobe University, and good luck!


Lost on what to do on the first day of uni? Here are some tips I’ve written out for first year La Trobe students!

Want new friends in uni? Trying to save on money? Here are some tips I’ll give to first year students of LTU  

A Chat With Ani

I had a pleasant time meeting up with a young woman named Anouk Hudson one afternoon. As we continued on with our talk, not only did I learn a great deal about her life and ambitions, she helped me learn some things that I normally wouldn’t have given a passing thought to.

At the start of the interview, I asked her why she had been given such a unique name by her parents. It turned out that they chose to name her after the French actress Anouk Aimée. She also told me that while her parents and grandparents would refer to her by her full first name, she would much rather introduce herself as Ani to friends and strangers. Born to a creative family, Ani immersed herself in the world of fairy tales and fantasy as a child. She had incredible dreams of becoming a princess or being able to talk to animals. Now as a college student, she dreams of being in the fashion industry, something that she says was thanks to her mother’s own interest in fashion. She’s currently taking in all the steps needed yo start writingabout fashion, such as studying on strategic communication in La Trobe University, and helping out design blog pages as the intern for an online shop.

Besides wanting to write about fashion, Ani also has other things she would like to try out for the first time. She told me about wanting to go on a road trip with her cousin, and wanting to go pick berries for fun. She would also want to go visit Hawaii and New Zealand because of all the beautiful sights. A surprising thing she had told me about herself was that she had been a video gamer in the past. She had entered a video game contest held by a local store for fun before, and even won first place there.

Going into the subject of stories and writing, when I asked Ani if there ever was a story that had impacted her personally, she answered with “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” as it had “opened [her] mind to so many colours” and to the way people think and act. She also told me about how vivid and beautiful the film was to her, and described how “out of the ordinary and raw” the story was, that even after watching it many times, she would still feel the emotions she experienced from the first time she saw it.

I asked Ani if she was satisfied with where she was in her life right now, and she responded positively. She said that she would rather focus on being positive and enjoying life because, for her, negativity is very incredibly draining. She also said that she wouldn’t change any event in her life, because” each and every one of those times make up a part of who she is as a person.”

From the chat that I had with Ani, I was able to gain some insight into who she was as a person, and while I admire her for her passion in achieving her goals, I find her kind and friendly nature to be her most shining trait. I am very grateful for getting the chance to know her and gain a new friend as well.

A Wild Quiet Girl Appears!

To those who have started reading this article, welcome! My name is Michelle Kristelle P. Alviar, but I would also love it if you would call me Chelle for short! I am an international student of La Trobe University who comes from Cebu, Philippines, but I am currently residing in the South Morang area near Melbourne with my relatives. I was born on the 1st of July in 1994, and as of this writing, I am 20 years old. My father is an architect, while my mother is a civil engineer, but I’m currently taking up the Bachelor of Health Sciences course, which isn’t really that surprising since a lot of my other relatives work in the medical field. Originally I wanted to take up the Occupational Therapy course since I took up that course in my previous college back in the Philippines, but since I had some problems enrolling in that course, I decided to take up Health Sciences instead!

My hobbies include surfing the internet on my laptop, reading, watching shows, and cross-stitching. Most of the time, you would find that I am very active on the blogging site Tumblr under the username thathilomgirl. I chose that name because in the vernacular language of my hometown, which is Bisaya or Cebuano, “hilom” means quiet or silent, and I thought that it was an incredibly fitting name for me, and I didn’t want to use any of my favourite fictional characters as inspiration because I might keep on changing them every time I find a new favourite character! I am a big fan of anime and manga, but among the many fandoms that I’ve joined in, my main fandoms are found for the anime series Fairy Tail and Your Lie in April. I write fanfiction for Fairy Tail every once in a while, mostly involving romantic stories involving one of the popular couples in the fandom, and I currently have many ideas that I want to write down with, but unfortunately it seems that the thoughts that I have in my head can’t be transferred to paper really easily. I have gained many friends on that website, all from many parts in the world, and as problematic as that site can really get sometimes, I am thankful for all the many connections that I’ve made there because of our shared geeky interests. I have a rather large collection of manga volumes or books, around 120+ at the most, but I left them back home since I wasn’t allowed to bring so many stuff when I was packing for my luggage.

I can’t say that I am a very athletic person. I was in the volleyball team during high school, but that was because the school I was in had a very small population and it was mandatory for all the girls to join and play volleyball during our annual sports festival. I am working on getting fit right now, as I’ve joined a gym inside the university where I can exercise more regularly. And hopefully, I will be less quiet most of the time, and more open and friendly with the new people that I meet here.